Healing trough God's Spirit

without the use of medicine or herbal substances



Revised and expanded by

God's Prophetess

Gabriele of WŁrzburg






Second Edition, 1993

Published by:

Verlag DAS WORT GmbH im Universellen Leben

Max-Braun-Strasse 2, 97828 Marktheidenfeld/Altfeld, Germany

Translated from the original German title:

"Gott heilt"

Order No. S309en

From the Universal Life Series

The German edition is the work of reference for all

questions regarding the meaning of the contents

ISBN 3-89371-056-6








How can we open ourselves to the source of the healing power?

The nuclear age - The Age of Aquarius - The effects of cosmic powers - The world is falling apart - What is there to hold on to?

Nothing is lost - We reap what we sow

Activating the inner powers - Effective prayer - Stillness and silence

Every thought strives for its actualization

Positive thoughts bring soul and body to a field of higher vibration - To be master of oneís thoughts is to be master of oneís life

How do we remove negative thoughts from our consciousness? The consciousness aids

Our positive thoughts open up the source of strength within us

Preparation for the streaming in of the healing powers

Trust and confidence result in healing; doubt creates the opposite

Christ, the Inner Physician and Healer of our soul

Relaxation and stillness instead of stress, nervousness and tension

Do we need a doctor? A good doctor combines medical and spiritual therapy

Healing through the Spirit without medicines or herbal remedies is possible

Fear attracts catastrophes - Nuclear radiation will increase

Cosmic humanity

We must change our thinking completely and align ourselves with the highest radiation, with God

Every single one of us has to recognize his responsibility and begin by working on himself

Salvation is the highest radiation, God within us - Our developed consciousness will guide us

We are children of God - Within us we possess the source of strength and health - We have to banish negative thoughts from our consciousness

What actually is illness? - Illness is the result of wrong thinking

The raising of the consciousness and the connection to the essence of the soul make healing possible through the Spirit of God - Positive programming of the family

We have to change our way of thinking - Affirmation of our true Being promotes becomes healthy - Spiritual healing is a process of becoming free from evils that we, ourselves, caused

True prayer bears fulfillment in itself

Only God knows what is good for the salvation of our soul - Only the good seed brings a good harvest - Love is the highest power and our true nature





In this word vibrates so much of what man associates with it and has associated with it at all times.



How much longing, how much hope of the human heart resounds in the word healing!

Healing is balm, comfort and deliverance; it is peace where there is or was disorder. The word "healing" means the process of healing, of becoming "whole", not the condition of being healed.

Which person does not need healing?

Does not almost every one of us have a smaller or larger health problem to complain about, from which we would like to be freed?

The one whose heart still can feel deeply is intuitively aware that healing, becoming "whole" and finally being healed are all related to a fundamental order of the inner man. Healing in its most profound meaning concerns the areas of the soul which are manís very origin, areas in which his true life rests.



How can we open ourselves

to the source of the healing power?


The central power in manís inner being is the Spirit.

Spirit is the primordial power of all Being.

This divine cosmic Spirit is the life in every form of life, also the material forms.

The Spirit breathes life into manís soul and into each cell of his body; spirit is thus the life, the life power, the healing power. If we wish to achieve healing through the Spirit, we have to "inspire" healing and everything connected with the becoming healed, that is, we have to imbue our thoughts and words with life.

How often do people say, "I have to become healthy, I want to become healthy", while deep-down they doubt whether they will become healthy. That is, they indeed say "healing", "becoming whole" and "I want to become healthy" without being aware that at the same time, deep within themselves, in their thoughts and feelings, they doubt whether they will indeed be healed. By so doing, they counteract the positive words of "healing" or "becoming whole" with their pessimistic and doubt-ridden thoughts and feelings. This means that the positive energy of the words "healing" or "becoming whole" is prevented. Thus, we ourselves destroy the very things that we long for. We fail to give life to the words we are speaking.

Every person has a soul and every form of life is vivified by one power, God.

Only when we learn to trust Him who is both the salvation and the healing, God, and to vivify our words with our trust, only when we let our world of sensations, feelings and thoughts vibrate into the words "healing" and "becoming whole" as a vivifying power, will those words have energy and have their effect in our soul and in every cell of our body. Only then will the words have a healing effect and ease our suffering.

God is Spirit, God is energy. The human body, like all other coarse-material forms of life, is transformed-down energy, compressed spirit. It lives on the material level of vibration which corresponds to it. The Spirit, God, however, vivifies life and therefore every one of us.

If we open ourselves to God, the Spirit, by raising our world of thoughts and feelings to a higher vibration, that is, by striving to think good, pure and noble thoughts and by speaking what we can affirm in thought and feeling, then we find our way to the origin of life, to the Spirit. Then we open ourselves for the eternal source of strength and attain relief and healing.

Therefore, it is solely up to us whether or not we open ourselves and whether we let the power of the Spirit flow into the words "healing" and "becoming whole" through our feelings and thoughts. Our feelings and thoughts act as transformers for the divine power, which then vivify the word and allow it to become effective in a positive way in and around us.

If, however, our feelings and thoughts are not positive and we say, "I want health and strength", these words then have no power, because the transformer is not consciously aligned with the healing energy, the power, that is, with God. We feel and think differently than we speak. As a result, we automatically reject the vivifying power which wants to inspire our feelings, thoughts and words.

Thus, we should expect neither healing, recovery, nor relief when we only think or speak the word "healing", but react quite differently in our world of feelings and sensations; for the feelings, sensations and thoughts are the transformers of the power.

We can think and say the words "healing" and "health" for days, but they will not happen in us if we fail to give the vivifying power to our thoughts and words, if we do not vivify them with our sensations, feelings and thoughts or do not give power to our wishes. We shall remain ill and continue to be subject to our troubles and cares and our blows of fate.

Man can outgrow illness, troubles and blows of fate if he remembers and thinks about his origin, which is Spirit, and by striving to attain a higher level of spiritual development through his efforts to actualize the spiritual-divine laws. The highest and all-encompassing law is love.

A complete and lasting healing is possible only through and in the Spirit, for all power, all life and all salvation is contained in the Spirit.

I only want to give you advice and guidance to open up the power of salvation and life. However, this advice and guidance can never be exhaustive and complete, for the correlations are so complex and the aspects are as varied and subtle as life itself.



The nuclear age - The Age of Aquarius -

The effects of cosmic powers -

The world is falling apart - What is there to hold on to?


We have to see life on earth in our era in relation to the cosmos.

We stand before a great turn of time. Cosmic powers are increasingly affecting our present life.

Because of the supreme laws which we are unable to comprehend in detail, these energies have an effect both on and within the earth. They also affect the whole solar system and bring about changes everywhere. Because of this, the illnesses and blows of fate which lie latent in our soul and in our physical body are awakened. They are the causes from earlier lives. The cosmic energy brings to light all those things which have not been atoned for.

The earth revolves around its axis in the alternation of day and night. In accordance with other fundamental laws, it circles around the sun, the life-giver of material substance, in the sequence of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In accordance with still other fundamental laws, mighty spiritual and cosmic eras come and go. Each era contains more spirituality and awakens man to higher spiritual insight. Thus, many of us realize that our true life is cosmic, that is, eternal, and that we are tied to our earthly bodies and are bound to the planet earth only for a short while, a short existence.

Our true, our eternal, being is a child of the universe, the child of the eternal Father. We cannot avoid alignment with this cosmic power, with God, as we are children of the cosmos, heirs to eternity.

We live in the nuclear age and at the same time, from a spiritual viewpoint, in the Age of Aquarius, which guides us further and stimulates us to lead a life of spiritual values and to go within.

More and more people are no longer able to find any value or stability in the material world. The eternal truth impels many to start seeking higher ideals and values. They strive to go within in order to find salvation and life there.

More and more people fall ill, and many are afraid. They live in constant fear: When will illness strike and confine me to bed? Will I fall victim to nuclear radiation and become a suffering person? The more oneís fears mount, the more intensively does the individual seeks salvation, security, hope and confidence.

In these turbulent times, in which people are no longer safe from nuclear radiation, disease and chronic illness, since they no longer know which foods are still good and which are already contaminated, many begin to seek salvation within themselves.

The eternal Spirit, the giver of life and salvation, God, the love, does not forsake mankind. The greater manís needs, the more powerfully does the Spirit work in this world. He teaches His children and provides relief and healing.

The precondition is, however, that man affirms the Spirit, the life, God, and is able to recognize Him as the source of all strength. This is the first step towards inner salvation. Secondly, one has to endeavor to have peace with his neighbor and to have purity in feelings and thoughts. Thus, the person begins to love his fellow man, who also suffers as he does. He gains understanding for his neighbor, and comes nearer to him; thus, he comes near to God, the Inner Physician and Healer in Christ, our Redeemer.

For, at the same time, the Spirit in us wants to be our way, our physician and our healer. He is the one who leads us to cosmic heights, to the eternal springtime of bliss, provided we are willing to open ourselves to Him, His strength, His healing power. The Spirit alone is the way, the way which is inner growth, salvation and health.

The world is subject to continuous change. In the near future, a change of unimaginable proportions will break over mankind, a more extensive, a more profound change than we can now imagine. Nuclear radiation will increase and our earthly life will become increasingly threatened. Sooner or later, we must recognize that what man has devised and brought forth is breaking down more and more. We must recognize that nature, too - the herbs, fruits and vegetables - are suffering as a result of manís abuse and are becoming increasingly inedible.

Where is man to turn when pain, depression and hurt oppress him, when his body is marked by illness and infirmity? Where are the people who will bring relief and healing? Is it those who are now making grand speeches, who lull people and continue to maintain their set course, despite all the danger signs for life on earth? At the moment, they are still in leading positions. But when manís need becomes greater, when sickness and infirmity become even more widespread, then even they will have to fall silent and finally look to Him who is life, who stands above the temporal, above disease, misery and despair. He is the Inner Physician and Healer, the Spirit, God, the One who saves the life of our soul and the One who gives healing to our body.

As time moves on and the nuclear threat increases, many a one will recognize the Age of Aquarius in which the Spirit presses to reveal Himself. But the unawakened and ignorant will wail and complain all the louder and go on clinging to what was formerly valid. The world will perish, even for the unawakened one, because what he thought to be security now begins to totter, to come apart at the very seams. His last foothold will be taken from him, his fleeting happiness snatched away. In this state, he will wander about in confusion and ask himself where is there something to hold on to in my life, where is my refuge?



Nothing is lost - We reap what we sow


However, the one who has awakened knows where to seek and to find the indestructible foothold, the true world. He knows that physical death is not the end, that death is merely the gateway to the soulís next existence. The soul continues to live with all those qualities of light and shadow which it acquired while in the human body.

Nothing is lost. What man sows, he will reap, unless he seriously engages in self-discovery and self-recognition. Thereby, he immediately understands his wrong behavior. He understands his violations of the divine law and immediately takes steps to clear them up. Thus, he really lives life, lives it consciously.

The one who understands that everything is energy and that no energy is lost also knows: Whatever energy I as a person send out in the form of feelings, thoughts, words, actions, good deeds and bad, fear, hatred, envy, enmity and jealousy will all come back to me. It all enters my soul and, depending on the way I have thought and acted, is reflected in my body. For, in this or in future lives on earth or in the spheres of purification, my body will show, inwardly and outwardly, what I have sown as a human being.

The one who comprehends that nothing is lost or destroyed is on the way to self-discovery and self-knowledge. He is on his way to following the eternal, divine laws and turns again to his inner home.

Through self-recognition and the purging of his soul, he achieves knowledge of God and feels secure in Christ. He has no need to fear, for he does not draw his secureness from without. He knows that joy and sorrow do not come from within, from the eternal Spirit, but that he has created these energies himself. They "muffle" the Spiritís activity and manifest themselves as energy, which is also sound, in and on his physical body.

Whatever we as human beings experience - joy or sorrow, peace, harmony, or illness, blows of fate, loneliness and poverty - we have at one time brought upon ourselves or caused through either positive or negative thoughts and actions.

We, ourselves, are the architects of our life.



Activating the inner powers -

Effective prayer - Stillness and silence


Man is in the school of life. The earth is his school and place of probation. We should recognize this opportunity and thus strive to purify our soul, this cosmic legacy, by already as man aligning with the true goal of life, and by activating and increasing the flow of the energies within us, the divine powers, which are at the same time the powers of healing.

We have to work on ourselves in order to be born anew in the Spirit, to become "whole" again and thus attain healing out of the Spirit. We have to observe the laws of life, and then we will awaken the source within us which wants to fill every cell of our body.

Everything is within us. The all-salvation is the Spirit which dwells deep within our souls. It is the power which heals soul and man. This inner strength, which is the power of life and healing in our soul and also in our body, can be activated by prayer and meditation via higher levels of stillness and silence.

Praying, of course, means that I actualize in my life all my prayers and requests which I speak. If I pray to be healed, I should think healing thoughts deep into my inner being and no longer talk about illness. If I pray for peace, then I should forgive my neighbor and ask him for forgiveness. The selfless positive thoughts which I send out to my neighbor by seeing the positive in him will give me inner peace. When I begin to love my neighbor and stop criticizing his faults and weaknesses, my love and prayer open up my heart.

True prayer always goes hand in hand with living in the right way.

I attain the higher levels of stillness and silence only when my emotions and thoughts are noble, when I also see the good in my neighbour, when I do good and when I act selflessly. Then it becomes still within me. My negative feelings and thoughts become more and more silent. Then I will say only the things that are important, good and constructive. This is stillness and silence on a higher level. This does not necessarily mean that all thoughts should cease; that there should be an absolute halt to my thoughts. Oh no, there may be within me selfless, pure and God-filled thoughts. This, too, is stillness; this, too, is silence.

Only when we have become still within will we be able to distance ourselves more and more from our base thoughts and tendencies. Then the almighty Spirit, the inner power of healing and life, begins to be increasingly effective in us. We receive healing from within and become whole. To aim for this state of being whole means to change our thinking completely, to reorient ourselves.



Every thought strives for its actualization


Life is vibration. This basic truth is all-encompassing. In human existence one sort of vibration is of particular significance for our well-being and woe: our thought-vibrations.

Thoughts are immeasurable.

What we think becomes reality, unless we grasp our thoughts in time and give them over to the inner light, ask for forgiveness and ask that they be transformed. Then we are free again of the negativity that we have just thought, which we have projected into the ether, and which would in all certainty have come back on us.

Thoughts are like seeds: they take root, grow, and bear their kind of fruit - that is, according to what we have, thought, spoken and done.

If we wish to make our lives happy, if we wish to reap health, harmony, peace, love and joy, then we must first sow the corresponding seeds in our feeling, thinking and acting.

In order to achieve inner healing, it must be clear to us that every thought strives for actualization, both the positive and the negative thoughts. The more often a thought is thought, the stronger is its power and its effect in our soul and in our body.

If, for example, we put all our aspirations, strivings and desires into one single thought, the slightest stimulation from our world of thoughts - often from our subconscious - will cast that thought into our consciousness, the reality, and will enslave and torture us. If we look at ourselves closely, we have to recognize that we are dilettantes in this life as long as we remain a slave to our negative thoughts.

We must recognize that every illness, every minor indisposition, every blow of fate is the result of our own feelings, thoughts and actions. We, ourselves, through our thoughts, create the positive energies which allow our soul to blossom and become whole and bring peace and health to our bodies. We, ourselves, create the negative energy-fields which also affect us, burden our souls and stimulate more thoughts, that is, attract the same or similar from our world of thoughts. What we attract and retain through the further activity of our thoughts stays with us and becomes increasingly effective in direct relation to how often we think the same or similar things.

If there is but a trace of sorrow or worry in our soul, this trace can be magnified to a gigantic complex by an impulse from outside. We begin to think something, but fail to keep our thoughts under control. We allow these thoughts to return to us again and again and, in addition, keep thinking the same or similar things. This increases the negative energy and has a corresponding effect on our body. The consequences of this can be blows of fate, grief, need and illness.



Positive thoughts bring soul and body

to a field of higher vibration -

To be master of oneís thoughts is to be master of oneís life

Mastering oneís thoughts means mastering life. This means that right thinking means living right! The one who fails to pay attention to his thoughts and does not gain mastery of himself will fall prey to the suggestive power of his surroundings, for thoughts and ideas always arise under the influence of the atmosphere created by us, together with our fellow men. Until we have learned to protect ourselves from our own thoughts, the thoughts and ideas of others can penetrate our consciousness and try to control us. It is exactly these thoughts, if we move them in us, which can have an effect, causing us mental as well as physical illness.

We must recognize that all feelings and thoughts awaken processes in the brain which, in turn, affect all our cells and organs. Every individual cell possesses a cell-consciousness. We can, for example, awaken it by transmitting thought-waves of good health, thus stimulating it to function positively. Just as every cell possesses a cell-consciousness, the nerves, too, have a nerve-consciousness, the internal organs have their own organ-consciousness, as well as our glands and hormones. We can influence our entire body through thoughts. The more positive our thoughts and feelings are, the more pure is our soul and also our body. Thus, we reach a field of higher vibration which makes it easier for us to surround ourselves with higher, positive and nobler thoughts.

Nothing happens by itself. We must make the effort and thus make what is right out of our lives. We must remodel our life so that it becomes rich in wisdom and in strength. This means, we live consciously. The high-level energies will then transform the low-level energies in us, the things which cling to us mostly still unnoticed, and we will live a fulfilled life. We will live every day, every hour, and every minute consciously and experience this as happiness, because we acquire positive energies thereby. These make our life rich and, thus, as God wants it.



How do we remove negative thoughts

from our consciousness? The consciousness aids


Despite all our efforts, it is possible that we may continue to be plagued by the same base thoughts, things that we are still unable to remove from our consciousness and which recur again and again. Then we should ask ourselves whether irreconcilable thoughts are still in us and whether we have already asked forgiveness of our neighbour. If so, then we should ask ourselves further: Did we do so honestly, intending to let go of the past completely or are we still holding back something inside us? Perhaps we still wish to achieve this or that? Are we perhaps still slightly envious of our neighbor? Do we perhaps still wish to force something or to arouse sympathy, because we wish to see ourselves in the role of the sufferer or as disadvantaged in some way?

If, therefore, out of self-love we have retained even the trace of a negative thought, then this negative thought will plague us. The more we think of it, the more we build up a new energy-field. Its influence on us will increase until we have to admit that our request for forgiveness or our apparent act of forgiving was ineffective. This is our fault, because we have failed to let go of everything, because we have retained traces of negative thoughts, thoughts with which, in the final analysis, we only wished to boost our self-esteem. We magnified these traces with our thoughts and allowed them to develop into a new complex which will come to influence us again, as before.

However, if we wish to cleanse ourselves of this tiny trace which still remains in us, to cast it off entirely, then we can make use of a consciousness aid such as "I am able to do everything through the power of Christ within me."

If we repeat this consciousness aid several times a day, and also when we lie down to rest and after awakening, before we get up, then we reach a higher level of vibration spiritually and physically and are able to distance ourselves more and more from these thoughts, the trace which wanted to influence us.

This consciousness aid: "I am able to do everything through the power of Christ within me" should be spoken with a feeling of quiet assurance and trust. Then, inasmuch as we have turned to the Spirit of Christ, we shall receive the strength for those things that still need to be overcome.



Our positive thoughts open up

the source of strength within us


Whatever we imagine has a direct effect on our bodies. When, for example, we think "I am tired", the nerves and muscles register this and convert this impulse into noticeable weariness. If we think "I am ill", this will be registered by our weak organs and the correspondences in our soul. Thus, we ourselves, convert these thoughts into illness.

We must be continually on our guard and endeavor to counteract our own negative thoughts with positive thoughts, thoughts of trust and courage. The eternal Spirit within us will then come alive. We will receive more and more spiritual and physical energy. If our human spirit remains alert, positively attuned and concentrated on one thing, then we remain active.

God is the source of all power, the power of the atom, the power of electricity, the power of our soul and of our body. All power comes from within, from our Creator-God, the almighty Spirit. He invigorates us when we are tired, strengthens us when we are ill and heals our suffering according to our devotion to Him, according to our way of thinking and living.

All good, pure and noble things, all positive energies come from the depths of the soul, from the unburdenable essence of the soul, from God.

When we live with the divine, when we live in harmony with all energies, then our creative power remains intact - indeed, it grows stronger. But if we break contact by thinking and reacting in a human way, by sowing hatred, envy and disharmony, by nursing within ourselves jealous thoughts, we lose both spiritual and physical energy.

An electrical appliance runs as long as it is connected to the electric circuit. If the circuit is broken, the appliance ceases to function.

A similar process takes place in man. If we constantly act contrarily to the universal laws, against the power of life, by failing to place our lives consciously under the protection of the Spirit, and by not living in a disciplined way, then the spiritual energy in the soul and in the physical body will be diminished. Because the energies ebb away, the organs of the body weaken and as a result, become prone to illnesses. That is, the person becomes poor in energy; his rate of vibration decreases. Thus he finds himself in danger zones where, depending on his level of vibration, he becomes host to viruses and harmful bacteria.

A human spirit cleansed of negative emotions and thoughts functions better and has more energy at its disposal than a spirit burdened with petty, pessimistic thoughts.

We should carry out the following test - it is worth doing: During the next 24 hours let us think and speak in a positive and hopeful way about everything - about our work, our health and our future. At first this will not be easy, especially if, until now, we have been very much in the habit of feeling, thinking and speaking in a negative fashion. We must break ourselves of this habit, even though it will require an intense concentration of will. The positive energies we have addressed will hurry to our support. Only in this way, will we attain peace and become increasingly able to receive from the holy stream, from God.

The primordial source of energy tirelessly gives positive and invigorating strength. It provides all men, all things, all forms of life, with energy.

However, many people abuse these positive energies and as a result of their thinking, feeling and behaving contrary to the laws, these powers are changed, are brought to a lower level of vibration, that is, are transformed down. God allows this to happen, for we must find our way back to the will of God, to the purest, divine primordial energy, via our own self-will, via our human deeds.

But if we open ourselves to the eternal stream, to God, by addressing positive powers, both in feelings and thoughts, as well as in words and actions, then they will come to us and serve us in our soul and body.

If we wish to be healthy and activate the healing of the body through the Spirit, then we must acknowledge these laws of life: The negative, transformed-down forces have a disturbing effect on body and soul. The positive powers, the pure powers of God, strengthen soul and body and promote health, so that, through the strength of God in us, healing from within to without can result.

This means that we must first open ourselves to these positive powers by conquering our negative energies - our human emotions, thoughts and words - and counter them with positive, affirmative, constructive thoughts, words and actions. Then we will become a vessel for positive power, which is also the power of healing and life.

So, before we awaken the inner powers, we must first remove our own negative thinking, indeed every single thought which reminds us of an illness. This is necessary because thoughts in which illness is accepted as an established fact are again the cause of other illnesses, or they retain the illness in the body.

The same holds true for every other difficulty, for every problem, every indisposition, every blow of fate. If we talk about the things that are troubling us at the moment, then we will keep them and even make them bigger.

Thoughts are energies. The more often we think a thought, the greater the power of this thought, or thought-complex, over us.

Difficult as we may find it, when we experience pain, we should recognize that, through the power of positive thinking, we can neutralize much of the pain or prepare ourselves for the healing powers. Let us have the courage to regard our pain, diseases, difficulties or problems as being brought about by spiritual principles. If we have the courage to trust in the power and strength of the Spirit, for whom nothing is impossible, then we will be allowed to experience that the power of God is there, that it soothes and heals, that it supports and guides us.



Preparation for the streaming

in of the healing powers


In order to make ourselves receptive to the cosmic influence, to the powers of healing and life, we should realize that the essence of infinity is in us. Within us, a power is at work which is both indescribable and incomprehensible. It is the central power of love, the strength and salvation of God.

We are weak, human and powerless only when we affirm our weakness, our powerlessness and our human existence. However, when we trust in the highest power within us, the fullness of infinity, when we affirm our filiation in God, we affirm the Father-Mother consciousness in us, the greatest power of love. If we affirm them in thought, word and deed and act accordingly, we will become vigorous and powerful. The things that mark our bodies, our present difficulties, will gradually disappear. Health will replace illness, freedom will replace difficulties and problems, selflessness will replace egotism, love of God will replace self-love.

We should have respect for this highest power within us. This respect also shows itself in our outward appearance, in our posture. An upright posture gives evidence of an upright spirit. Thus, we should take pains with our outward appearance, so that the inner being can make an easier and speedier breakthrough, but not for the sake of expressing outwardly something which is lacking within us.

In order to make ourselves receptive to the workings of the cosmic powers, to the powers of healing and life, we should choose a posture which makes it easy for Godís energy to stream into us as unhindered as possible. Therefore, we either assume an upright sitting position or we lie flat on our backs. Then we prepare ourselves in our thoughts, that is, send out thought-waves. For example: "Health is within me"; "The fullness of God is within me"; "I am cosmic consciousness". Thus we surround ourselves with an aura of confidence which, in turn, helps to align the whole person positively, to make him receptive to the life powers.

When we wish to address the consciousness of an organ, for example, a malfunctioning liver, we can strengthen the effectiveness of our positive thought-vibrations by laying our right hand on the area of the liver.

The reason for this is as follows: Every human being is an energy-body. It receives energy and emits energy. From revelations we know that the left hand is a receiver, it is like an antenna, receiving and passing on the cosmic powers. Though the right hand is also a receiver, it primarily emits energy. If we lay our right palm, which distributes this energy more intensely, on the relevant part of the body, and use the left hand as an antenna, by stretching it towards the cosmos, then the cosmic energy will flow through us much faster. In this way, the strength of Christ at work within us promotes the process of soothing and healing, above all, in the soul.

In preparation for the actual healing through the cosmic life-powers, we address our liver-consciousness, supported by the laying on of the hand as described, using the following or similar words, "Liver, awaken from your slumbers and perform faithfully the function allotted to you! Secrete your bile in sufficient quantity and fulfil the function the Almighty has given to you. Rid the body of poison, so that it may remain in working order."

To our stomach we can say the following, "Digestion-consciousness, awaken and fulfil the duties allotted to you. Recently you have been neglecting your tasks as an important organ. From now on, be reliable, do your duty. I affirm in you, too, the positive, all-controlling energies and am certain that you will perform with joy the function granted you by the Creator-God in order to contribute to the sustenance and health of the whole body."

If we know and believe that everything is energy, that every cell possesses spiritual power within itself, and that everything that lives does so because of and through God - the primordial energy, God - then it is also possible for us to charge these energies with positive powers. Then it is also possible for us to intensify the energies in every cell of our organism and especially in our soul, so that they become more active and can have an effect on possibly existing negativities such as illness or indisposition and thus transform them into something positive.

However, we can do the same thing in a negative sense. We can transform-down the positive powers present in us through base thoughts, through the acknowledgement of illness, fate, need, hopelessness and so on, to such an extent that our body becomes weaker and weaker. From a spiritual viewpoint, this means that the essence of the soul, the energy potential through which the divine powers flow into us, becomes less active and is able to attract less and less energy of the Spirit. This means, furthermore, that the soul receives less and less life-giving energy and the physical body receives even less. Weakened organs thus become susceptible to illnesses, because they lack life power, that is, the energy of God.

Thus, we can stimulate the activity of the organ-consciousness and prepare the organ for the power of inner healing and life through positive, awakening thoughts and words. The length of preparation depends on our soul burdens and whether our world of feelings and emotions is in harmony, that is, is attuned with our positive thoughts and words. If an organ is already greatly weakened, it will at first absorb only hesitantly the positive powers, the powers of life and healing. But we should not start to doubt and become negligent if success is not immediately apparent.

Having irradiated the organ for about five to ten minutes, that is, prepared it, we should affirm that it has awakened, as for example with the liver-consciousness:

"You have now awakened from your slumbers. Thank you for preparing yourself to receive the healing waves."

We could speak vibrations of praise to the stomach:

"Stomach-consciousness, you are now awake. I put my trust in you. You are now active again. The stomach will properly secrete the gastric juices; the intestines will start to work properly again; the digestive process and the food supply will function perfectly. I thank the consciousness of this organ."

The organ does not understand our words, but the cell-complex absorbs the positive vibrations being transmitted and surrounds itself with them.

We can approach every organ in a similar way, for everything is energy, everything is life. Through positive feelings, emotions, thoughts and words, we can awaken all life to increased activity. We first awaken the slumbering organ and then thank it for awakening and allowing itself to be prepared for the healing rays of the Spirit.

After this concentrated and positive awakening of the organ-consciousness, we ask for the intensified healing powers of the Inner Physician and Healer. Now we open ourselves completely for the powers of the Christ-Spirit by letting the healing waves flow into our soul and body, in a state of trust and stillness, without taking in a single sensation or thought.



Trust and confidence result in healing;

doubt creates the opposite


In talking to the organs in the way just described, one must constantly bear in mind that our preparatory thoughts and words are not directed to the physical organ itself, but to its consciousness, to the Spirit in every cell which is active and guides the function of the organ. The words which we repeat must be spoken clearly and forcefully. This presupposes a deep trust in the Eternal, so that our feelings harmonize with our thoughts and words. Thus, we must be permeated through and through by what we think and say. This is our faith and trust in God, the healing power within us.

When we thank our body, or one of its organs, we have to be aware that we are not directly thanking the organ, that is, the body, but the Spirit, which is active in every cell, in every organ, in the whole organic structure, the Spirit which is the true life, the life of both soul and body.

We should not think that the repetition of positive feelings, thoughts and words is superfluous because the consciousness of the cell does not understand the words with which we address it. Rather, we must realize that it is not the thoughts as such that are effective, but the vibrations behind the thoughts and words; it is the affirmation of our faith and trust which we express in thoughts and words.

If the person seeking healing recites the words, but inside feels somewhat doubtful, the cell-consciousness and cell-structure will register only the vibrations of the doubts, that is, the vibrations behind the words - our feelings and emotions, whether they consist of confidence and hope or of doubt and mistrust. We will not be healed with doubt and mistrust; on the contrary, this only makes our body even more ill, by letting the vibrations of doubt transform it down to a field of vibration which is receptive to the germs that vibrate at this frequency.

At this point, let it be stressed again and again that thoughts are powerful energies. Only a few know what a tremendous power concentrated thoughts have on people. Both positive and negative thoughts gain power over us, the more often we think the same or similar thoughts. Through them we build up a powerful thought-complex, which hovers around us like a satellite. If we think but one thought on the same vibratory-level as this thought-complex, the complex will begin to function with increased power and have an influence on us. Therefore, we are what we think; both our soul and our body bear the mark of our thoughts.

Negative thoughts exist as a thought-complex in the atmosphere and around us. The negative thoughts that we have projected into the ether are also present as a correspondence within us. Thus for example, through a single thought reaching us from outside, we can set up a line of communication between our correspondences and the sphere of thoughts in which the same or similar things are vibrating. So we must be on guard and constantly exercise self-control, asking ourselves, "What am I thinking, feeling and saying? Whatever it is, it will all come back to me."

We can also use the positive powers of healing and life in our family. We can send out positive thought-waves to our neighbor or a member of the family and through his soul we can prepare his body for the reception of the healing waves of the Spirit. If our neighbor is receptive and attunes to them, the positive powers react more quickly, because he to whom the powers have been thought or spoken is prepared to receive.



Christ, the Inner Physician and Healer of our soul


The spiritual power, the healing power, which we ask to receive using the methods described above, is the Inner Physician and Healer. It is the power of Christ working in us. It has the ability to unfold inside our body and dissolve the shadows there.

The power of Christ can become effective only if we submit our healing thoughts entirely to the power of Christ. We should be full of love for Him who knows only health, who is far removed from all illness and affliction.

We should banish the concept of being ill from our thoughts and from our vocabulary - then the spiritual healing-waves will fulfil our requests. These healing waves have the effect that our soul and organism reach a higher level of vibration in which healing for our soul can be achieved through the Inner Physician and Healer. If it is good for the soul, then the healing process will also be completed in our body, via the soul.

However, the Inner Physician and Healer, Christ, whom we address, is the healer of our soul. If the soul is whole, it then passes on the healing, the positive, powers also to our organism.

For the Christ-Spirit to be increasingly effective within us, we must first strive to live in harmony in our daily life.



Relaxation and stillness instead of

stress, nervousness and tension


In stillness we achieve strength, the healing of our soul and body. Therefore, for the spiritual healing waves to become effective, we must first learn to be still.

In the struggle for inner calmness, we must not pace up and down the room, nor clench our fists and grind our teeth. We should feed our mind with quiet thoughts. The body reacts immediately to the way we move and to the thoughts dominating our human spirit at the moment.

The reverse is also true; we can calm our human spirit if we first calm the body by thinking harmonious, positive thoughts, or by speaking positive, harmonious words into our inner being. Body posture can also support a corresponding state of mind. If we are nervous we should sit in an upright position, place the backs of both our hands on our upper thighs, breathe consciously and calmly, and slowly and quietly address our inner being. These little exercises help calm and prepare the body. Not until we feel, think and move calmly and harmoniously, can the healing power take effect both on and within us.

Let us imagine our mind to be the surface of a lake, whipped up by a furious storm. Let us then imagine how the wind suddenly abates and the waves subside until the lake lies calmly and smoothly as a mirror. In the same way, too, by using such thought associations, we can soothe our mind. Stress and inner unrest are dispelled.

We have to pay special attention to the nerve-consciousness. This "tree-of-life" within man is a decisive factor where health and illness are concerned. If we are nervous, either our nerves are overtaxed or an earlier cause exists which is also possibly determined by our karma. In the case of nervous tension or restlessness, our healing feelings and thoughts cannot make the power of Christ flow more strongly, as it is able to stream into our bodies only through a relaxed nerve-consciousness.

Thus, every sort of tension is bad, no matter where it originates, whether through wrong thoughts or through stress. If our nervous system is in disharmony, it is impossible for the eternal, harmonious and harmonizing power to bestow help, relief and healing on us, according to the divine will.

If a person wants to turn to the powers of the Spirit and allow them to take a central position in his life, it is important for him to know that this cannot be brought about overnight. Neither the soul nor the person can cast off old, deeply rooted, deeply imprinted conceptions and habits so quickly.



Do we need a doctor?

A good doctor combines medical and spiritual therapy


Many who are just starting to make the inner cosmic powers a part of their lives will ask: Why do we need doctors if the power of absolute health is within us?

In our time, doctors are necessary for most of our fellow men, because not everyone can adapt from one day to the next and develop the kind of living faith that can, as Jesus said, "move mountains". In connection with healing, this means that the one who is able to develop power to such an extent that the healing powers of Christ are able to absorb every illness from one day to the next.

The decisive factor is the state of consciousness of the individual. As long as we continue to identify with our bodies, thus affirming our suffering, we will either continue to be in pain or create new pains. However, if we become conscious of our filiation to God, we realize that we are no longer subject to every temporal act of fate.

God is absolute. He is perfect and created only perfect beings, that is, His perfect children.

So when we are ill, when we suffer hardships and blows of fate, it is not God who is the originator of these evils. We, ourselves, brought them about through our wrong, negative behaviour, through our emotions, thoughts, words and deeds.

If we wish to develop an active faith, a faith which permeates us completely, we should be free from severe pain. We should consult a physician who helps us to strengthen our faith in the inner power, in Christ, and who also helps us to develop positive thoughts.

Once our nervous system has been brought into a state of harmony through the proper medication, especially natural healing methods, once our pain has become bearable and our body more vital, then we can begin to develop the positive energies and strengthen our faith and trust in Christ.

If, then, the doctor helps us externally and we link ourselves with Christ and develop positive energies, that is, so that positive energies flow from within, then something can happen in us which is in accordance with the laws. No longer does the patient work against the physician by asking himself anxiously whether the doctor can help him, whether the medication will help and whether he will get better at all. Doctor and patient work together to arrive at the health and stability of the body.

If the patient is in a positive frame of mind, he will imbue the medicines with the right healing effect and thus open himself for the positive powers.

Good health will result when we are in agreement with the cosmic powers for the most part. But what is to be done when sooner or later another burden of the soul has to flow out, when the person becomes ill because he has broken Godís laws in an earlier life and the cause only now produces its effect? Where does one find an experienced physician who is able to combine medical and spiritual therapy?

We should always first turn to Him who knows all things, even, for example, when we face the decision to go to a hospital or a physician. The one who prays earnestly and turns again and again to meditation in order to become still, in order to obtain guidance, will also receive.

Thus, helpful thoughts can come to us, especially during times of stillness, prayer or meditation and show us the next step - often deciding the outcome of the illness. If only we would make use of them, what a help they would be for us!

As soon as they feel unwell, many people consult a doctor to find out whether something is wrong with the heart, stomach, lungs or some other organ. This shows that man is not yet able to activate the healing powers which lie dormant within him. The fear of falling ill is the reason why many actually do fall ill. If the patient hears from the physician that something is not right with his lungs or his liver, he becomes anxious about it. The result is that the condition of the lungs or the liver gets worse, because the level of vibration of these cell systems is transformed-down as a result of wrong thinking, worrying and fear.

Our world of thoughts, or human consciousness, has an enormous influence on the organism. The one who seeks medical advice and treatment should first prepare himself spiritually through prayer and meditation.

But it would be foolish to go to a physician, and then worry about parts of the body which may or may not be weak. Many good physicians know about the power of thought. They know that in many cases patients start to degenerate as soon as they are told what illness they have. Even the bravest man usually loses courage when he learns that he has cancer. For this reason, the doctor should be very careful in stating his diagnosis and should try to awaken hope in the person, not only hope that "his" medicines and medical equipment will be effective, but hope for the strength within the person himself, hope for the self-healing system in every human body.

If we have sufficient faith in God, we do not need to know the name of the illness. Often the anxiety in us is increased when we know the details of our physical ailments. Agitation and worry make our condition worse. Anxieties about a certain illness bind us to the illness.

The one who entrusts himself to the hands of God and a good physician or natural healer without necessarily wishing to know the name of his illness bestows a true blessing on his soul.



Healing through the Spirit without

medicines or herbal remedies is possible


Healing without medicines and herbal remedies is possible through the Spirit of God.

The one who opens himself for the all-effective power, which is also the power of healing, may be irradiated by it in increasing measure and will gradually become independent of all drugs and medicines. But, since such a development cannot occur from one day to the next, man cannot suddenly do without the medicines which he may have been taking for a long time.

However, we can change over gradually from pharmaceutical medicines to natural remedies. In so doing, the organism will slowly adapt. This process should, however, be undertaken by a physician or natural practitioner. Here, too, the alignment and focusing of our thoughts is decisive.

We should transmit positive thought-waves to our bodies, waves which intensify and strengthen the light that works within us, the light of Christ, and make it shine. Thus, the change over from allopathic medication to natural remedies should happen parallel with our positive thinking.

It is not possible for everyone to assume a completely positive attitude from one day to the next. In changing over from negative, pessimistic and doubtful thoughts to positive, constructive, affirmative ones, we experience exactly the same sort of major or minor variations as in an illness which produces different symptoms and fluctuations everyday, or as in the change-over from allopathic to natural remedies.

We must continually remind ourselves that everything is based on vibration. We are, or will become, what we think. We irradiate everything upon which we reflect, thereby either positively augmenting it or poisoning it through our negative, hate-filled, doubt-ridden thoughts, through our annoyance and aversion.

Such negative aspects can also fully block the effectiveness of medicine and thus make an illness worse. Therefore, we are able to influence with our thoughts the medicines we take, both the chemical ones and even more so the natural remedies.

The one who frees himself of negative feelings through prayer, Christian meditation, or by trying to counter negative thoughts with positive ones, will gradually free himself of base feelings and thoughts and approach the all-harmony. In doing so, he releases more and more divine energy which brings the medicine to the necessary vibratory level to allow it to work in a soothing and healing manner.

A healing remedy is not, as is generally assumed, a substance which merely produces a particular reaction, for instance, a chemical reaction. It is rather a thought-complex which produces varying effects, because varying kinds of vibrations cling to it, according to the consciousness of the discoverer, the manufacturer, the doctor who prescribes it and, finally, the patient who takes it. Each of these vibrations permeates the healing remedy and takes effect in our body which is receptive to it. If we take, for example, high-potency homeopathic remedies, then all thoughts, that is, all the various consciousness-influences, which are part of the production, the marketing and the distribution to the patient, are magnified accordingly. As we know, high potencies also have their effect on our spiritual body, the soul. This means that the soul absorbs the magnified or strengthened consciousness-influences and is infected by them, if the same or similar vibratory complexes, that is, correspondences, exist within it.

Therefore, it is advisable to radiate the medicine with our prepared consciousness, so that it may be effective for the organ concerned. We must recognize that the effectiveness of all substances is relative. Thus, in many cases the medicine can become truly effective only when the patient directs thoughts of affirmation towards the medicine, when he really believes in its effectiveness. The one who wishes to imbue the medicine with the right kind of lawful effectiveness must first improve his world of emotions and thoughts. All medicines, whether chemical or herbal, can be either positively or negatively irradiated by the patient.

Thus, if we have to take a medicine, we should commend this medication, this vibrating complex, to God and ask Him to imbue it with His energy as needed, so that it will have the desired result without any side-effects. However, we must also change our way of thinking and thereby mould our lives in a positive way.

When we change our inner attitude, the medication, too, can work positively. When we lead a pure life, the Eternal, to whom all things are possible, can neutralize the harmful substances through us, through our positive alignment, and can bring, via the medication, the proper rate of vibration to the suffering organ-consciousness. This will occur according to the way we think and live. Just as we ourselves change, so will the rate of vibration in body and soul change.

The effectiveness of the substance, that is, of the medication, corresponds to our state of human consciousness. The more it is oriented toward the material world, the more medication we will need to cure our illnesses. However, if our consciousness is awakened to the truth, then the truth, the Spirit, is effective in us and heals us. This does not mean that we should not, at the same time, take a natural remedy to support our body, especially in the case of a serious nervous debility.



Fear attracts catastrophes -

Nuclear radiation will increase


But how does it look in our world?

Until now, I have spoken about taking medicine. If we watch the events in our world, the nuclear testing, the nuclear reactor accidents, nuclear weapons and the storing of nuclear waste, we must recognize that radioactivity will increase as time goes on. Not only do accidents in and around nuclear reactors release radioactivity, but every nuclear power plant, even a "safe" one, continuously emits radioactivity. Nuclear weapons and waste are also sources of radioactivity, so it is not only the nuclear tests that release radioactivity into the atmosphere.

We know that no energy is lost; this also applies to released radioactivity. Our fearful and hopeless thoughts strengthen this energy and make it even more dangerous than it already is. Through our fear and worry about further nuclear catastrophes, we actually attract them and make them happen.

Who can free man of these thoughts of fear for his body? Who can free him of the fearful and worrying thought that further catastrophes may occur and other nuclear reactors may develop a leak? People transmit their thoughts. Since such thoughts are energy, they must inevitably cause exactly what man does not want, what he is afraid of and what he, therefore, talks about. For he thinks about this danger, he talks about it and thus reaches a state of expectation that what he fears could happen. He thus releases energies which then reach their goal, taking effect in the corresponding places and gradually bringing about what was feared. Man does not want this result, but through his thoughts and words he provokes it. By addressing the negative aspect, he puts the positive aspect in doubt. He directs his thoughts to the source of danger and thus helps bring about the occurrence of what had been merely a possibility, but not a reality. He causes things to occur which had only been a possibility, because he allows his thoughts to dwell on places which he recognizes as sources of danger, for example, nuclear power plants, arsenals, waste-dumps, or authorities who support the use of nuclear energy.

Man will reap what he sows in thoughts, words and deeds. Somehow or other, he reaps the dangerous radioactivity which is released through accidents, radiation, in tests or in nuclear warfare.

Radioactivity is the invisible, creeping poison, the invisible death which changes the atmosphere and, in places, breaks it up. Nuclear radiation is the invisible, creeping death in the animal world. It poisons the plants, herbs and fruits of the earth. It poisons mankind and may cause long-term suffering.

Mankind lives from what the earth yields. If the earth is contaminated by radiation, if every plant, every herb, every fruit has become a negative source of radiation, how is man to nourish himself? Either he eats what nature produces and becomes more and more infected with nuclear radiation, or he starves. The same applies to our drinking water, to the subterranean springs, as well as to the oceans.

What can still be done about this? What is to save us? Where is salvation?

Man will learn and will have to experience what it means to no longer be able to consume anything that does not send out negative radiation. He will more or less be forced to come to terms with the fact that, through various causes, the ozone layer in the atmosphere is breaking up, that the incidence of skin disease and burns will gradually increase and that so-called skin cancer will occur even more frequently.



Cosmic humanity


The present human race will go into decline. It will be replaced by human beings whose radiation has been altered - the new "cosmic humanity" whose radiation levels exceeds the intensity of the radiation of this earth and that of its current population. This metamorphosis will take place unnoticed. The cosmic man is finer and purer in his radiation. Such people will, in many cases, be capable of survival because they are at a higher level of vibration than the physical human beings until now.

From amidst the ruins of human thinking, of human strivings and deeds, will arise the new man, the new life, like the phoenix from the ashes. It is the new humanity for the New Era. People of a fine, pure radiation, people who orient themselves cosmically and who apply the cosmic laws - laws which are valid for the whole of nature, for each animal, for each stone, for every star - will possess the new earth, the purified earth.

The cosmic laws are the life in each soul, in each human being. It is the eternal, universal law which the cosmic man applies in the right way.

Just as the cosmic man arises from the ashes, from human ruin, in the same way, almost in a parallel development, the whole vegetation will also change. The atmosphere is becoming more and more permeable. Above all, the ozone layer around the earth, which keeps out the sunís ultra-violet rays, is becoming thinner. As a result, many things will burn. The poles and oceans will be warmed. Climatic conditions will change, thus altering the whole structure of the planet we inhabit. In the course of time, this will bring about great changes in nature and in the animal kingdom, as well as in and on man. This means that when the radiation changes, life itself will also change.

Materially-minded people will perish as a result of disease, burns, nuclear injuries and much more. Nature which has been contaminated by radioactivity will undergo this same process.

From this dying, however, a purer, more beautiful and flourishing life will emerge. A higher level of radiation will replace the base, negative vibration. The one who is in a higher state of radiation will live through a great deal and possibly even survive, but only after first experiencing a number of violent disturbances which will strike the whole earth, its atmosphere and the present human race.

Where is salvation? Where is the Savior?

Salvation lies in each human being. It is the Spirit of God, the highest radiation. Thus, the Savior is the Spirit of our eternal Father who lives in each soul, in each human being, in the stone, in nature and in each animal.



We must change our thinking completely

and align ourselves with the highest radiation, with God


Though a high vibration can have an effect on a lower one, conversely the low vibration cannot touch or influence the higher one, and so we know what is to be done. By this I mean the following: The human vibration, everything we humans have sent out and are now sending out that leads to our suffering and destruction, is a negative vibration. This vibration can never reach the divine radiation and "contaminate" it with all its negative complexes. In the long run, negative forces are self-destructive because the Spirit of God, the high radiation, irradiates only the positive, even in every negative vibration. As we know, vibration exists only when two poles are active, when the negative and positive poles interact. God, the high radiation, irradiates only the positive, that part of the vibration which maintains both poles, positive and negative, in a state of mutual interaction. It is the divine radiation for the material forms of life. If their vibration drops while the positive powers, the high radiation, the high energy, God, keeps flowing to them, then ever greater tension will build up in matter. Whatever is human, negative, self-centered, distances itself from the high radiation; it is unable and unwilling to communicate with the higher powers. Therefore, it must come to a splintering-off and in long run to a transformation.

If by their actions, people produce more and more negative energy, that is, base energy, which is oriented to material life and also has a disturbing and destructive effect on all material forms of life, then the tension in matter becomes stronger and stronger and is unable to make contact with the high radiation. This means that in the course of time an expansion in the negative sense must occur and at a further stage an explosion in the form of a violent eruption will take place. This will involve "displacement of masses" which will also bring about a complete change on and within the earth.

In order to counteract this process, everyone must change. Everyone must gradually align himself with the high radiation, God. Each person, himself, has to approach the divine radiation and may not expect God to transform-down His radiation, that is, to come to him with His high radiation. This means for every single person a complete change in his way of thinking, which leads to corresponding deeds.



Every single one of us has to recognize his responsibility

and begin by working on himself


If man wishes to remain healthy he must see and experience God in all things. Man must apply the cosmic laws of selfless love, peace and harmony. He must see the purity, beauty, goodness and nobility in all forms of life and have respect for all life. Man should not only talk about life and God, saying this or that must be done to make a better world; everyone is called upon to start with himself first.

If man learns to change his way of thinking, to think and live according to the laws, he will raise the level of his radiation. He will fashion his life in a divine way. He will cease to think of what is negative and destructive thus building it up, but will keep peace with his neighbor, with the earth, and the nature kingdoms.

Peace can come only from within man himself, from within every individual, if he strives to think and live selflessly and to have respect for life.

Every person has a definite effect not only on his own life and that of his fellow man, but also on the earth and everything the earth produces. Thus, every one is responsible for himself, his thoughts and actions and beyond that for all of mankind, for the dwelling-planet Earth and its atmosphere.

Therefore, it is not a question of the other person altering his ways, or of the church or the state having to change.

Every single one of us must change. Only then will we radiate positive and constructive powers and, together with many like-minded people, positively affect our fellow men, who still stand in the shadow of materialistic thinking. Thus, man will also affect the earth, of which he is a part.

Jesus said, "Whatever you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to Me."

God is all in all things. Thus, whatever we inflict on our neighbor or on the kingdoms of nature falls back on us. If we wish that the vibration of our spiritual and physical constitution be raised, we must let ourselves also be raised by changing our way of thinking. If we feel, think, speak and act positively, if we begin to lead a selfless life, to respect our neighbor, to love him and do good to him, to appreciate life on earth and the nature kingdoms, then with the help of the power of Christ, we will refine and raise the level of our vibration.



Salvation is the highest radiation, God within us -

Our developed consciousness will guide us


The power of God, the finest radiation, will radiate towards us more and more. It will elevate our soul and strengthen our cells, organs, muscles, glands and hormones; it will even bring our entire organism to a higher level of radiation. When higher powers radiate through us in this way and guide us, we gain ever more distance from the base, negative vibrations.

Thus, our positive, high-level spiritual and physical radiation has a positive effect on natural healing substances and medicines as well. In this way, it will also be possible for us to protect ourselves against many of the dangers that will afflict many people and even the earth itself.

In this way, the new humanity will arise. The positive will come out of the negative. From those people who are oriented to the transitory, to matter, the spiritual humanity of God-conscious people arises.

The Saviour in all times of need and danger is the highest radiation, God within us.

Therefore, let it be said for the future: If you wish to escape the greatest dangers, if you wish to be healed through the Spirit, if you wish to find freedom from anxiety and compulsions, then the key words which will bring you the solution shall be: "Nearer, my God, to Thee!"

We wish to come nearer to God. Let us therefore begin straightaway! Let waves expressing our gratitude to God and our friendliness to all men pulsate through our inner being.

Instead of complaining about our illnesses, let us try to develop feelings of gratitude towards God and feelings of friendliness towards our fellow man. In giving thanks and showing friendliness, the tension in our soul disappears and our physical resistance grows, because higher vibrations flood through us in ever-increasing measure.

Thus, we must strive to raise our consciousness to a higher spiritual level, to the fine, high radiation of God, by living pure lives, through prayer and meditation, through positive thoughts and deeds. Then even the external manifestations of illness will change and we will bring light into the light-poor lives of many people.

If we live in a state of self-control and actualization and our consciousness unfolds itself correctly, our consciousness will guide us, for example, to a physician who will do what is right for us. On another occasion, it may show us the road to recovery without our having to consult a physician. A highly developed consciousness can also take us safely past a danger-zone where a great disaster is about to happen. Or the developed consciousness, in which the eternal strength of Christ is increasingly effective, causes us to change our plans and preparations in such a way that we, or others, are protected from harm.

If our consciousness vibrates in the consciousness of God, in the fine radiation, it is then possible for God to lead us according to His laws. Thus, the high consciousness is our lifeís guide in all things, both great and small.

If, for example, we are offered a choice of food, we will have no appetite for any food which is not beneficial for our constitution or even contains harmful substances, that is, poison.

So it is entirely up to us, it is a question of our own feelings, thoughts and actions. We have to bring our true self into a state of harmony with the entire universe. Then guidance will be given to us through the power of God, through the power of Christ. We will become healthy and feel well and find our way into the protection of Godís fine radiation.



We are children of God -

Within us we possess the source of strength and health -

We have to banish negative thoughts from our consciousness


The image of illness, problems, fear, worries and need has to disappear from our thoughts. We should put all our efforts into no longer regarding such human aspects as, for example, illness as something that needs to be cured. We will try to imagine in our thoughts and beliefs that illness and other evils do not exist! Instead of being fixated on illness, worries, difficulties, problems and so on, we affirm health, joy, harmony, contentment and happiness!

We should just once - regardless of the way things may appear, regardless of how bad an illness or infection seems to be - take time to meditate on the perfect power of God, on the fine radiation, the reality lying behind the shadow of illness, pain, need and worry. By doing this, we reach an area of higher vibration, a finer radiation. The symptoms of the illness will then change according to this area of vibration.

Each of us is, according to his true being, a bearer of the divine life, a child of the Most High. By origin we are divine. The fullness of our true being is health, peace and happiness.

Let us meditate on the words: We are children of God who possess the fullness of infinity: health, peace and happiness.

Therefore we should turn to God, the eternal power and fullness. We should not talk about our illnesses and blows of fate. We should not lament or think about which medicine we could try out today. For, just as we preoccupy ourselves with illness and its causes, in the same way we contribute to the appearance of new symptoms and the forming of further germs.

We must refuse to allow such negative conceptions to penetrate our consciousness. As soon as we have removed these "errors", the perfect condition of reality can appear, for we are indeed in possession of our true selves. We are at all times children of God. We have eliminated each existing negativity, so that the life power can be effective.

Nor should there be hatred in our life. Our neighbor should be both a friend and a brother to us. We must eliminate every uneasy stirring in our mind, then we arrive at the state of peace. In peace, both soul and man are healed.

Just as material bodies are subject to the laws of gravity when they fall, so does the law of attraction apply to our world of thoughts.

Let us be aware that illness is nothing but the manifestation of our thoughts!

What we attract through our thoughts falls right into us, so to speak, since the same or similar things are already present within us. As the saying goes, "like attracts like".



What actually is illness? -

Illness is the result of wrong thinking


What actually is illness? It can be compared with the clouds. Water vapor rises up from the earthís surface and condenses into cloud formations. These clouds block our view of the sun.

In a similar way, causes rise from within manís soul as effects, manifesting themselves in us as illness. Our nervous system becomes tense. As a result of this, the spiritual power, which helps, heals and builds us up, declines.

We should realize that no matter how much the spiritual sun, the eternal Spirit, may be concealed from us by clouds, the sun itself, the Spirit, is unaffected by it. The clouds envelop the soul like a veil. The Spirit itself, however, is untouched by it.

Illness is based on wrong thinking.

Whatever we think takes on form, because every thought is energy. The formation of thoughts, that is, the sum of our thoughts, has an effect on soul and body.

If we are afraid of illness, we affirm it. If we talk about illness, we affirm it. Thus, we create a thought-complex called illness.

However, if we know that no energy is lost, and yet we send out illness-related energies by being afraid and talking about illness, we attract back again what we have sent out. It gains influence over us. We burden our soul and body; we become ill.

Thus, we can say that our illnesses are manifested thoughts - our own thoughts, not those of our neighbor.

If we are afraid of viruses and harmful bacteria, we attract viruses and harmful bacteria. If we are afraid of what they could trigger, they gain influence over us and have the same or a similar effect on our bodies.

Whatever we are afraid of, becomes reality within us.

Fears and worries reflect a lack of trust in God, and a lack of trust in God means that there is little spiritual energy flowing through us. If we fortify our fears and worries all the more by affirming these worries, then the spiritual energy wanes even more within us so that we lack energy. This means either that we are low in energy or become so, depending on how often we brood over our worries or think about our illnesses.

Lacking spiritual energy means weakening of the soul and the body. The result is that the very thing we are afraid of gains influence over us.

We infect ourselves with our own fearful thoughts and worries, with our own thoughts of illness, misery and blows of fate. If we are afraid of viruses and harmful bacteria, we attract them and can thus infect ourselves with them.

Illness is based on wrong thinking.

Sooner or later we have to understand and come to know that we are children of God, cosmic beings. God created our innermost being, our spirit body, absolutely pure and free.

God knows no illness. He is absolute.

If we came forth from Him as pure beings, then we are, in God, absolute, that is, pure, free and thus perfect.

If we step out of absoluteness, out of the Absolute Law of love and harmony, we thereby mark our lives. All of us have stepped out and are still stepping out of the law of God through our wrong thinking and acting. Our wrong thought-patterns have an effect upon us and leave their stamp and mark on us. This means that we become our own thought-pattern. Our thought-patterns can be made up of the most varied kinds of fears and worries. Fear of an illness provokes the manifestation of that illness, first around and then in us. It developed because we abandoned absoluteness through wrong thinking.

In the Spirit there is no illness. Therefore, it must have been created by us, ourselves. The false manifestation is our nature; it is a thought-complex manifested in our body. This thought-complex affects us in direct proportion to the way we make it possible for it to do so by continually thinking about illness and through our fear of illness.



The raising of the consciousness and

the connection to the essence of the soul

make healing possible through the Spirit of God -

Positive programming of the family


There is no way we can banish serious illness through positive thinking alone. However, it prepares our bodies for the healing waves of the Spirit, if we project our thoughts into our inner being and address our cells and organs. But what we are thinking should be affirmed by us in our sensations and feelings. In other words, the thought, the sensation and the feeling are of one accord.

Our pure being, the essence of the soul, does not form unity with the illness. Through positive thinking, through thoughts of being whole, we have to expand our consciousness and raise it so that it may establish a stronger communication with the essence of the soul, with the absolute Spirit. This leads to an increased flowing of the Spirit, which then causes salvation in the soul and healing in the body.

Thus, it is possible for the Spirit of God within us to dissolve the illness and cause it to disappear, just as the sun does with the clouds. However, we must take the first step; we must expand and raise our consciousness and establish a closer communication with the essence of our soul, the divine within us.

People often seek the power of inner healing, via prayer, meditation, positive thinking and a specific diet, by striving towards their inner being where the source of life flows. Nevertheless, they are not wholly successful in reaching the sphere of vibration where healing through the Spirit of God becomes possible. If we are more or less in harmony, if our thoughts are positive for the most part and yet we feel, despite everything, that we are not raising our consciousness - then we should take a look within ourselves.

We should take a close look at our family and ask ourselves whether conflicts, quarrels, trouble, hatred or other signs of discord are present. Disturbing influences such as these can affect a person who has turned within. They can prevent him from attaining the harmony which makes it possible for him to establish closer contact with the Inner Physician and Healer. If there is disharmony within the family, it is recommended that the ill person himself endeavor to bring harmony into the family.

Easy-to-remember sentences, serving as consciousness-aids, can be helpful here, such as: "My family consists of children of God" and "Only perfection and harmony can reign in my family of children of God" and "The consciousness of every individual is filled with peace and love." If we program ourselves with these thoughts and send out these positive thought-waves to the family, many things can change, depending, of course, on the level of consciousness of every individual - how close he is to God, or how far away he may still be from the Eternal.

Thoughts, both positive and negative, are powers.

But let us show patience and understanding and let us trust that a change will take place in the family, too. Let us regard our neighbor as a part of ourselves! Then it is possible for us to treat him with understanding and tolerance and with the love which heals many a wound in the soul.



We have to change our way of thinking - Affirmation of our true Being promotes becoming healthy - Spiritual healing is a process of becoming free from evils that we, ourselves, caused


We should become aware and program ourselves accordingly: God, our Lord, did not create any illness. Thus, illness does not exist in His reality, so we should never think of ourselves as being ill. Let us relinquish the feeling of being ill and think health into our inner being. Our cell-consciousness will then awaken and bestow strength upon us in abundance and peace as well.

The one who asks for the healing streams has to focus his thinking on the healing power, on the truth, and become aware that he is a child of God and thereby a spiritual reality.

If we penetrate the thick clouds of the superficial world of appearances and grasp our spiritual nature, we can say with full conviction, "I am a child of God".

To become capable of positive thinking, capable of developing thoughts of health, we should not regard ourselves as physical beings. To be human is to be inconsistent and susceptible to illness and destruction. On the contrary, we should recognize ourselves to be an eternal, indestructible being, which is allowed to blossom in God, its Lord and Father.

No matter how critical our present condition may be, no matter how debilitated we are, these things are not what is essential. They are only outward appearances. Outward appearances are only silhouettes and are not the same as reality.

But whatever is not real is error. Error causes us to accept things as reality which have no real existence. Thus, that which does not really exist is non-existent.

We must learn to change our way of thinking completely and align our feelings and thoughts with the laws of life. Then we arrive at the truth which is God in Christ, who makes us free. We must turn our thoughts away from the evils which plague us in our thoughts and in our body; we must strive to have affirmative and constructive thoughts which promote health. Let us think thoughts of health!

If we recognize and acknowledge that God is our life, then nothing but God can exist. Let us permit God to manifest Himself in us by affirming the divine! Negative thought-complexes will fade away and all will become brighter, more harmonious and friendly within us.

Illness is evil. God did not create evil. Therefore, evil does not exist. Even if evil is present in the outside world, in the material world, it does not really exist in God, in our true Being.

That is why we have to affirm our true Being. God has created the absolute, true spirit being, the spirit body which is within us - with all its light and strength.

And that is why we should not affirm the existence of illness, or else we endow this phenomenon with a power and tenacity that it does not possess on its own.

Man should not accept things which do not exist in the spiritual, in the true reality. All power is in the truth, in the spiritual reality. We should affirm this power!

Therefore, we have to learn to change our way of thinking.

Not until mankind - that is, each and every one of us - has learned to change his thinking, will mankind flourish through the power of God. Mankind will become healthy and happy, joyous, peaceful and harmonious.

Spiritual healing, healing through the Spirit of God within us, is a process of becoming free from evils which we, ourselves, have caused.

But the Spirit, God, can only become increasingly effective and lead us to liberation where man, himself, has created the necessary conditions.

The essential prerequisite is that man turns to Him who is life. Man must change his thinking and replace negative, aimless, brooding thoughts, with positive, purposeful, constructive and supportive thoughts.



True prayer bears fulfillment in itself


Prayer is the direct expression of oneís connection with God. However, our prayer thoughts have special power only when we actualize in daily life the things we are praying for.

If I pray for health, I must make efforts in my life to think thoughts of health and not thoughts of illness, and thus prepare myself for the healing-waves.

If I ask in prayer for peace and harmony, then I must try to see the good in my fellow man and affirm his positive qualities. I am not allowed to talk negatively about him.

Whatever I send out will come back to me! If I wish my neighbor peace and harmony and regard him in the light of the divine, that is, positively, then what I have sent out, peace and harmony, will come back to me. I become whatever I have asked for in prayer.

If I wish to be loved then I must first strive to love my neighbor. As I am, so will I send out. As I send out, so will it come back to me, like an echo.

Therefore, we must change our way of thinking.

True prayer always goes hand in hand with living in the right way. It bears within it the fulfillment of our lives and is of the highest importance to us.

True prayer means living in the right way.

True prayer means fulfilling Godís laws, forgiving and loving our neighbor and sending out positive and loving thoughts, even to our relentless enemies.

This is prayer which is lived. It finds its way into our inner being and opens up our consciousness to the healing waves of Christ. The one who is able to pray from the heart in this way, asking God for strength and help, will also receive.

Yet if their prayers are not immediately answered, most people lose faith in God and complain about the lack of success of their prayers. In this way, they uproot the seed which earlier they had planted in faith in the fertile and productive soil.

We must realize that an honest and truthful prayer, a prayer which is lived, is already fulfilled in the world of reality.

True and honest prayer inevitably leads to fulfillment, because what has been affirmed and lived already exists in the inner world.

God, our Father, is the fullness. He placed the whole of creation within us. Thus, everything is contained within us.

We should recognize that the harvest already exists in the seed, even if it is not yet recognizable to the physical eye. If we water the right seed with the true prayer thoughts and with life-affirming powers, we will receive.

A prayer lived in this way comes from deep faith and trust in God, our Lord, and in our Redeemer, Christ.

If we know that what we wish for is already present within us, it is up to us alone to develop these powers through positive thoughts and a positive life.

God also possesses the characteristic of patience. We think that if we pray today, the seed within us should germinate on the following day or in a weekís time and the harvest should show itself. We should not expect the thing we pray for to materialize immediately before our eyes.



Only God knows what is good

for the salvation of our soul -

Only the good seed brings a good harvest -

Love is the highest power and our true nature


Every attitude of expectation that we show towards God is doubt.

We should not expect, but rather know for certain, that inside of us we have already received! So that this is outwardly manifested, we should develop the firm belief that Godís love is near to us. God is here, He knows us. We ourselves hardly know ourselves. He knows what is good for us. We do not, for we do not know the burdens of our soul.

Everything contributes to the growth of our soul. Therefore, we must never demand anything of God, but rather request things of Him. He alone knows what is good for our spiritual welfare.

Let us practice patience, therefore, by preparing our bodies for the healing-waves. We cannot receive the highest blessings until we have become mature enough for them through a corresponding life which is pleasing to God. Thus, we must recognize that even suffering is necessary for the progress of the human soul, until it has reached a certain high level.

Suffering can also be the flowing out of a still existent soul burden. In this case, it cannot be fully erased by the Spirit of Christ, the Inner Physician and Healer, but at best alleviated. Only the one who has attained a certain stage of development will no longer need to bear suffering.

In order to find our way out of this life of pain, we should examine ourselves every day: What do we speak? Do we say bad things about others? Do we say kind things about others? Are we pessimistic or optimistic? Do we talk about unimportant everyday matters? Do we talk about profit and riches or about spiritual progress?

We must recognize that our answers are decisive to the course of our life and our further destiny.

Once it is clear to us that we will harvest the fruit of every word we have said, we will surely watch what we feel, think and say in the future. Positive, loving thoughts and words are true prayers. Sharp, ill-intended words are not only harmful to others, but they strike back at our own life and health. Loving words, on the other hand, which soothe and calm the excited moods of others, are also conducive to our own good health and happiness.

In the Bible it is written: "What you sow, you will reap". Therefore, we should sow the acre of our life with good seed. And then we will harvest good fruits, for example, health and happiness.

How often do we say that our prayers were not heard? What was the reason for this? We must realize that the law of cause and effect is valid everywhere. Many think that prayer is easier and requires less effort than self-sacrifice and putting oneself out for others. A prayer, monotonously recited, is certainly easier. But a prayer of this sort has little effect within us. Nor does it contribute to becoming healthy or to bringing us harmony, happiness and joy. It is not a prayer that has been lived.

The one who fails to bring his prayer to life through activating it in deed will also never be able to receive. Sooner or later, we must all recognize that a good harvest is granted only to the one who has also planted a good seed in the acre of life.

To attain spiritual healing all of the following things are necessary:

We must gradually become free from our base feelings and thoughts.

Every day we must become more conscious of the fact that we are cosmic beings, children of God.

We must learn how to ask for forgiveness and to forgive our neighbor.

If we learn these things step by step, we will sense the inner freedom, that is, the liberation from the negative. These negativities would like to drag us down and bind us to such common human emotions as hatred, envy, enmity and so forth. The honest intention to ask our neighbor for forgiveness or to forgive him is already the first step. It is the goodwill, the readiness to do it completely.

In order to free ourselves from thoughts of hatred and enmity and to fill ourselves with love, we should withdraw for five minutes every morning and every evening to a quiet room or to a quiet corner in a room. There we should actively feel, think and say the following sentences deep into our inner being, "I am a child of God. May love fill my heart. I have no wish to hate or to bear enmity within myself. I love the one who is not well disposed towards me."

If it becomes possible for us to always give selfless love, in time love will also come to us.

The one who sows love will reap love. This is a law of the Spirit: Whatever we send out we will receive.

Love, however, does not just have to be like a mild, whispering breeze. It can also be the earnestness with which we say what is necessary according to the law. Love is enlightenment. Love is when our feelings, thoughts and words are selfless. That is love.

Thus, what we send out will fall back on us. It will take root in us and afflict us accordingly. Therefore, we need to live a pure and unselfish life in order to be able to receive healing powers.

Love is the greatest power in the cosmos.

Love is our true nature.

May every one of us once again attain this highest cosmic power, love, so that he can help mankind and the individual human soul to flourish and make progress.

This is what I wish all my fellow men with all my heart.

Greetings in God,






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